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“The monetary cost for a rape victim to receive treatment at a hospital in the United States.”


what the actual FUCK

I wish I could even be shocked

Just gonna keep reblogging this


this is the biggest crock of fucking bullshit i’ve ever fucking seen FUCK

“but why didn’t you go to the hospital?”

I know this is going to be very US centric, but I’m from the US and have close ties to law enforcement so I know a bit about this subject. First off, The US passed the federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) in 1984 and
VOCA requires that all state compensation programs cover the following crime-related costs: 
Medical expenses;
Lost wages for victims unable to work because of crime-related injury (note that some state programs will reimburse for lost wages for non-physical injury, such as an inability to concentrate, but documentation from a medical professional is typically required);
Funeral expenses.
Additionally, some (but not all) state compensation programs cover these crime-related costs (you can access information on your state below):
Sexual assault forensic exams (federal law entitles victims to free forensics exams);
Moving or relocation expenses. (Many states won’t cover these expenses unless the victim is in imminent physical danger or the move is medically necessary. Documentation from the police or a physician is typically required to demonstrate that the victim is unsafe in their current living situation.);
Temporary lodging;
Travel and transport for survivors of homicide victims to secure bodies of deceased victims from another country or state;
Transportation to medical providers;
Replacement services for work the victim is unable to perform because of crime-related injury (primarily childcare and housekeeping);
Crime-scene cleanup;
Rehabilitation, may include physical therapy and/or job therapy;
Modifications to homes or vehicles for paralyzed victims;
Replacement costs for clothing and bedding held as evidence;
Replacement or repair of windows and locks or repair or installation of home-security services; and
Fees for attorneys who help victims apply for compensation;
In addition, a very small number of states may pay for the following:
Lawyer’s fees to establish guardianship, assist in settling estates, and perform other activities related to the crime (one state only);
Dependent care to allow victims to participate in criminal justice activities or secure medical treatment and rehabilitation services;
Financial counseling services;
Pain and suffering (two states only, in very limited amounts); and
Annuities for loss of support for children of homicide victims.
I got all these from RAINN ( https://www.rainn.org/public-policy/legal-resources/compensation-for-rape-survivors ), but I knew that compensation is required in some form in the US and if the agency says there is no compensation, then it is illegal in the US and I dont think many people know about this. If you need help finding out how to get compensation in your state, the list to each state or government agency that deals solely with compensation and lists benefits is belowhttp://www.nacvcb.org/index.asp?sid=6-Maria
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me and my friends
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souvenirs: tattoo from london & shirt from amsterdam
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I just looked outside to check the patriarchy and apparently it’s reigning men

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chill hazel grace its a metaphor
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